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HCG Success Stories

Here are some of the many HCG success stories from patients using this Weight Loss Cure

I used HCG through a clinic in 1972 - it was administered in small doses by injection. My results were incredible and I felt wonderful during the treatment. Northern California
I am an R.N. who has had a weight problem all of my life. I'm now 48 years of age, but when I was only 19 years old I went to a physician who used Dr. Simeon's method of HCG weight reduction. It worked beautifully for me, and I used it off and on with equal success throughout the years....
In 1972 I was treated by a physician in New Orleans for obesity. He was a dermatologist that I had visited for an allergic reaction to a medication that I was taking. He told me about this weight loss program he ran out of his office. I was very interested. I weighed 195 lbs....
Over a period of 6 weeks I lost 37 lbs. I weighed in at 158 lbs. after my last injection.
Even at 500 calories a day, this was the easiest diet I ever followed. After the first week I even found myself offering to share my 1/2 cup of strawberries with my husband one night after dinner.
I never felt hungry, irritable, deprived and had more energy than I've ever had in my life. —Jackie
I first tried the HCG treatment in Florida in the mid 80's and had tremendous success. I had kept the weight off for over 6 years. —J.M.
I was a patient who took hCG in the early 1970s and not only lost weight, but also experienced the Changes in body contour. That was a big issue for me, and I always believed that hCG was the One diet program that accomplished that. —Asmith
When I was in Los Angeles California in 1974 I was treated for obesity with weekly injections of HCG. I was able, with a controlled diet, to lose 40 pounds in 2 months. It was the most effective method of weight loss that I have ever tried. —C.M.
My husband and I both started the diet. We both are in our 5th week I have lost 25 pounds and my husband has lost 40. —Dawn
I had positive results from the injectable Hcg many years ago and would like to use it again. It gave me a feeling of general well being and also mobilized difficult to get rid areas of fat. 
— Glaser
In Florida, back in 1986 I went through hCG shots to lose weight. I lost 26 lbs in 2 months and felt the best I ever had in my life. —Kimberly
I used the hCG injections myself for weight loss.I had never had results of any kind from any other weight loss program. I went from 165# to 127# in less than 4 months. I not only lost on the scales, but i lost inches in my bra size, my neck, my arms, legs, waist and hips; everywhere. —ReN
I would like to share with you my own experience. 7 years ago I was really sick. I had Chronic neuropathy, low testosterone, etc. I went to many doctors and even a major medical hospital in Houston, Tx. A couple of doctors injected me with testosterone, but that did nothing for me.
I finally (3 years ago) saw a doctor in Pennsylvania who ran test on growth hormone and hcg. I had no natural growth hormone, and my pituitary gland was very sluggish. He started me on injections of hCG and HGH both. I get about 2000 units of hCG every other day as well as the Human growth hormone. My health is greatly improved now. —Andrew
A couple years ago, a friend of mine told me about hCG. She had considerable success over an 18 month period. I reviewed the research published by A.T.W. Simeons, MD. and began a diet program with hCG self injected each day. I completed 3 phases, each a 6 week hCG course followed by 6, 8 and 12 weeks of maintenance. I began at a weight of 237 pounds and I lost a total of 46 pounds after approximately 1 year. I had no side effects, felt great and increased my energy. I was able to begin weight training at the YMCA. I am a very strong and active woman of 45--SCUBA diver, league bowler, traveler and hiker.

I have used this program very successfully for weight loss that's so easy and it makes you feel great. It lowers cholesterol and blood sugar. —Gayle

I was very satisfied with hcg, and other than one morning experiencing something like morning sickness, I felt fine the whole time I was taking the shots. As far as I know, I had no other side effects. I would be delighted to try this diet again. —Mikki
I very successfully completed this program about 16 years ago. I lost about 35 pounds, going from 160 to 125, at age 40 . I was on the program 2 months. I was not hungry.

Paul, thanks so much for what you do! After months of trying the HCG drops, I finally discovered what really works! I just wished I could have found you first! —Trish K. Springfield, IL

I am so glad I clicked on your site. After many attempts to understand what the truth is as far as HCG, I found your site the most informative and actually saved me money from the HCG drops sites. Let me explain. I have been looking for the right diet that Dr. Simeon suggests and your site has proved to be MOST trustworthy. Plus, it really works. Thanks again, Lori T. Scottsdale, AZ

Dear Hcg Diet Kits, I just wanted to thank you for selling a superior product to the HCG drops. I have found (through research) that these drops are a bunch of crap. Your straightforward approach is much needed in this industry of charlatans and snake oil sellers. Your complete research has added value, but more importantly, you get results. Again, let me thank you for that refreshing feeling that some doctors still do care. —Tom R. Islip, NY
The HCG diet is a miracle. I asked for a miracle and I got it. After doing many diets and being a yo yo dieter for years, I am now thin. And I'm staying thin.I'm telling you this is a miracle!

I can wear sexy clothing and belts. I don't have to carry my posture in a position of hiding myself. I'm willing to dance around in front of people!

This must be a healthy diet because I felt good and had energy all during the process. I feel much better now than I did before. I don't feel bloated. I don't have indigestion. I feel great. I feel young (I'm 63). I have more energy than I have had for years. The main phase of the diet is 43 days. If you decide to do this, make sure you have all the stuff and then start. After 43 days you have 6 weeks of maintenance. You know exactly what to do if you gain 2 pounds. You do it and the 2 pounds falls right off.

My weight was the one thing in my life that I could not fix. It bothered me every day. Everything else was good. Now everything is good. It's still hard to believe, but seeing is believing.

The best part is I have no worries about gaining the weight back. My metabolism has changed. THAT is what this diet does. Now I can eat what I want. Woohoo! Life is good. —A Warren

Legal Disclaimer: The FDA has not approved HCG Therapy to lose weight.